About Coronavirus!

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About Coronavirus!


2020/03/10 About Coronavirus!

Regarding 2019-nCOV or so-called Wuhan coronavirus, Guesthouse USAGI MOMIJI have prepared anti-bacterial spray for customers🥰

The virus is yet unknown in terms of lots of things and, as you know it can be aggravated if you already have disease related to respiratory though it’s been reported that many people are unconscious and healthy even when discovered positive to the virus.
I personally believe that flu is much are-bad when be affected; you can prevent it with washing hands and gargle.

I may be saying something imprudent, but This is the biggest chance for the people who are healthy and desiring to see 🌸sakura blossoms🌸 without being disturbed by crowds in an ancient city in Japan, don’t miss!

FYI, there is Red Cross Hospital near by Guesthouse USAGI MOMIJI, so you may see a doctor when you’re feeling not well too.

Please also see the attached URL published by Kyoto City.


ゲストハウス うさぎもみじ